About Us

Kaddan Yue

I am the designer and founder of OMG! Inc. and I would like to welcome you to my website. It is with great excitement that I begin my journey to share with you my thoughts, outfits and inspirations in the world of OMG! Inc.


OMG! Inc. for me has been a labor of love and commitment. For a year and a half it was at the cutting edge of Second Life fashion and was my baby. Now, after a several year hiatus, i have brought OMG! Inc back making my vision for clothing a reality again. Second Life is ever changing and with that I have had to move with the times, continually using new methods and new technologies to create modern clothing for both classic and mesh avatars.

Like many designers, whose work is a progression of themselves, my ideas for OMG! Inc have changed over the years, from its beginnings of gothic glam with a focus on evening wear, to its current state of modern Rock ‘n’ Roll, with some feminine touches thrown in. I also hope to do more of my favorite work, which is evening gowns, alongside a new line, both with the attention to detail and class that fans of OMG! have come to expect and want.

Audi Kristan & Sedesta Xue

In 2009, Audi Kristan set up Classical Chaos, a Second Life store specialising in BDSM furniture and accessories, including an extensive line in cages. Sedesta Xue also had her own business, Bound Rapture, specialising in avatar poses and inventory organisation.


In 2015, Audi and Sedesta decided to merge their creativity and ideas, and the result was Bound Chaos, specialising in adult themed poses and BDSM cages. The two approaches to adult BDSM items complement each other perfectly, bringing you a wide range of choice in just one store. As a team they are now looking to expand their designs to include a wider range of adult furniture, poses, and accesories…watch this space!

Jadda Maesar


Jadda Maesar is the owner and creator behind OMG! Inc. After Dark, an offshoot of the main OMG! Inc. line. Jadda’s style concentrates mainly on the classic avatar, offering fun and flirty outfits alongside a range of delicate lingerie and revealing silks. All the items have been recently updated to include Omega appliers. These are now mainly found on our Marketplace store.