Surf into Summer…

Pace Mini Dress May 2019

“Surf into Summer” is our final hunt for May, and starting on the 18th, you can join us to celebrate the imminent change of seasons. We’re offering you our “Pace Mini Dress,” one of our bestsellers, to celebrate!

Pace Mini features a light, floaty fabric, with a strapless, babydoll-style cut, with high bow detail to gather the fabric and let it flow in a figure draping fashion. This dress comes in the 5 standard mesh sizes, with six stunning floral options, via our HUD.

Come start hunting in our mainstore by clicking HERE


50% Discount Item for MAY

Our special offer for May is one of our bestsellers: The Tuxedo Dress! With its tuxedo style neckline, seductive thigh split, and fashionable bows, this dress is sure to impress.

Tuxedo Dress Slit - Print - Pic

This offer gives you 10 unique patterned versions of the dress,in standard mesh sizes. We’re giving you this with 50% off for a limited time only.

Ladybug Hunt

Summer Bounce May 2019Our newest hunt for May is “The Ladybug Hunt,” which runs from the 7th until the 31st. We’re offering you the chance to pick up our ‘Summer Bounce’ dress, one of our earlier designs.

Summer Bounce is a strapless mini-length dress, featuring a high waistband and a babydoll style lower dress.  It comes in the 5 standard mesh sizes, and 6 styles, changeable via our HUD.

This hunt runs from the 7th to the 31st May, at our SL Mainstore, which can be found by clicking HERE.

For more info about this hunt, check out this website:

4 Seasons Hunt

Cowl Dress May 2019

Running from the 3rd to the 31st of May is the “4 Seasons Hunt” and we’re giving you the chance to pick up our ‘Glitter Cowl Dress.’ This figure hugging dress features a gently draping cowl back design to add a touch of glamour to this perfect party piece.

This dress is a Limited Edition version, for this hunt only, in an eye catching glittery pink tone to welcome the spring.

It comes in standard mesh sizes, plus the stated mesh body versions.

Click HERE to find our SL Mainstore.


Womanstuff Hunt @ OMG! Inc.

Summer shorts May 2019

Are we ready for some more hunts? Just in time for summer, we’re giving you the chance to get our ‘Summer Shorts’ in the Womanstuff hunt.

These cheeky little shorts come in the 5 standard mesh sizes, plus a fleximesh option, and can be changed to 14 different colours using our custom HUD.

Check out our range of cute tank tops and blouses whilst you’re here, to find the perfect pairing for these shorts.

Click HERE for your taxi to the SL Mainstore!

For more info about this hunt, please visit the organiser website –